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The practical component of the Recreational Skippers Ticket is done on the water usually in our training vessel but you have the choice of using your own if you wish although additional paperwork will need to be signed due to insurance issues as our training vessel has special insurances as you could imagine.

The practical section is made up of 11 tasks which can also be found at the back section of the Recreational Skipper’s Ticket Workbook which you can find out about in the theory section.

TASK 1- Vessel is safe and is safely operated within the rules and regulations.

TASK 2- Berthing/Mooring equipment.

TASK 3- Safety briefing.

TASK 4- Motor checking and starting.

TASK 5- Voyage plan – signing on.

TASK 6- Departing a berth.

TASK 7- Retrieve a simulated man overboard (MOB).

TASK 8- Determine position by using navigational marks, transits and other landmarks.

TASK 9- Controlled stop.

TASK 10- Vessel is safely navigated and secured alongside a berth.

TASK 11- Voyage plan – signing off.

On the course we demonstrate the above tasks the you practise them and then when you are ready to be assessed we assess one task after the other. You can miss 6 of the criteria that we train you in and still pass.

RST Practical Assessments Can Be Arranged For All Ages 14 and over. As all people completing practical assessment must also complete theory assessment both are nearly always rolled into the one course.

Specific practical assessments are available by request and price depends on location, time, numbers and boat being used.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.