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Australian Boating College, Western Australia are based in Perth and operate courses from Mindarie to Mandurah in Western Australia.

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Australian Boating College, Western Australia is a family owned Marine Training business specialising in the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket.

We also have 2 mobile training centres to deliver the RST to remote areas if necessary. We have trained from the Kimberley all the way down the West Australian coast.

We put alot of emphasis in the “on the water training component”. (guess that’s why they call it practical). Pete (see below) likens it to golf, “it does not matter how many books you read on playing golf pretty much all you pick up is the rules. You learn how to play when you hit the ball and then the rules make sense, our aim is for it all to make sense for you.”

Australian Boating College, Western Australia is run by Peter Ilott our Training Coordinator.

Pete is a Master Class V and has been since 1998. We won’t bore you with the details but he has skippered and been Engineer on vessels in tourism and commercial fishing all over Australia. He is also an experienced trainer obtaining his cert IV in workplace training and assessment in 2002 as he was required to train new crew in an offical capacity so they received nationally recognised qualifications.

The office side is run by Pete’s wife Connie and the mother of their children (4, fifth on the way). Connie has over 15 years in and out of customer service.

As we deal individually with each client you get a very personal service and we pride ourselves on that. We also believe in the KIS principle (keep it simple) so we pride ourselves to explain what looks like a complex lesson in very simple, easy to understand ways, after all our job is to train people and not to confuse them.

We use other trainers who must meet a strict criteria and training process before they can become a member of our team. Usually there will only be one or 2 other trainers as Pete still prefers to be out on the water training instead of being stuck in the office.

One of the greatest benefits we provide is what you guys give us. We have trained more RST skippers than anyone else with only a couple of trainers. Each time we train a new group of skippers we get everyone elses input. We all have different degrees of experience whether learned first hand or through someone elses experience and we become a great big knowledge pool available to be drawed upon by new and old skippers all the time.

This is a hugely valuable resource that cannot be bought or read and that is time not only ours but thousands of WA skippers.

Australian Boating College, Western Australia provides the complete one stop training centre for you to gain your Recreational Skippers Ticket.


Runner up in the 2007 North West Metro Small Business Awards Catergory Australia Post best new business

Winner  2008 Stirling Small Business awards Catergory Australia Post Best New Business